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Create a corporate profit center with ALLEGION Partners. We specialize in unique benefits designed to enhance your workforce wellness, productivity and bottomline.

ALLEGION Advantage:
  • Nannies and Tutors


BlueAPPLe Health

BlueAPPLe Health is a leading corporate wellness company dedicated to providing state-of-the-art health screenings, prevention and wellness programs.


KidsDadsMoms.com (KDM) is all about helping children learn and develop. KDM matches your child's unique learning preferences with innovative tools most appropriate for that child.

Video Famly Biographies

Video Family Biographies is an award winning, video production company that produces documentary style video biographies for families across the country.


Aging InfoAgingInfoUSA is an innovative company that offers a complete line of programs and events focused on education and empowerment for employees, managers and executives in the workplace.

Protected Tomorrows

Protected Tomorrows, Inc. is an advocacy firm that enhances the lives of people with special needs through a comprehensive life planning process.